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First Annual QKA Bills Backers Chili Cook-Off!!

November 5, 2023 @ 7:30 pm

Excited for the First Annual QKA Bills Backers Chili Cook-Off this next Sunday during the Bills vs Bengals Watch Party at Laurentide Beer Company. Cinci thinks they do chili but its just garbage spaghetti. Here’s your chance to wow the group! Here are the official rules for the cook-off. Any questions and to register contact me, DJ Boolanger, (Nathan Baker) email qkabills@pm.me.
Chili Cook-Off Rules
  1. Eligibility:Open to anyone who wishes to enter.
  2. Entry Fee: FREE
  3. Registration:All participants must register by Thursday November 2, 2023 at 5pm. Late registrations will not be accepted. register by emailing your name and contact info to Nathan Baker: qkabills@pm.me
  4. Chili Preparation:All chili must be prepared from scratch. No commercial chili mixes allowed.
    Chili must be prepared prior to the event and brought to the venue in a slow cooker or similar warming equipment to keep it at a safe serving temperature.
    Ingredients must be listed and provided upon request for allergy concerns.
  5. Serving Size:Each participant must prepare enough chili for the judges and a specified number of public servings (e.g., 1 gallon or enough for 25 samples).
  6. Judging Criteria:
    Chili will be judged based on the following criteria:Aroma
    Aftertaste (heat)
  7. Categories:
    Chili can be entered in various categories, such as:Traditional (beef with red sauce)
    Unique (e.g., containing unusual ingredients or preparations)
  8. Safety and Cleanliness:All participants must adhere to basic food safety standards.
    Each participant is responsible for keeping their serving area clean.
  9. Presentation:Participants may garnish their chili or serve it with side items (like cheese or sour cream), but it should be noted that the chili itself is the primary focus of judging.
    Displaying the name and a brief description of the chili is recommended.
  10. Prizes:
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top chili overall, as well as winners in each category. The nature and value of the prizes will be communicated prior to the event.
  1. Feedback:
  • Judges will provide feedback on request. Remember, feedback is subjective and meant to be constructive.
  1. Conduct:
  • All participants and attendees are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification.
  1. Liability:
  • The QKA Bills Backers and Laurentide Beer Company are not responsible for any illness or injury that may result from consuming the chili. Participants are responsible for ensuring their chili is prepared and stored safely.
  1. Amendments:
  • The QKA Bills Backers and Laurentide Beer Company reserve the right to make changes to the rules as necessary. Participants will be informed of any rule changes prior to the event.
  1. Decisions:
  • All decisions by judges are final.
Happy cooking and may the best chili win!


November 5, 2023
7:30 pm


Laurentide Beer Co.
12 Maiden Lane
Penn Yan, NY 14527 United States
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